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Welcome to Deco Indy

   We are a custom marketing company specializing in visual communication through signs, banners, printing and vehicle graphics. Deco Indy Is a Veteran and Women-Owned and operated business.

   Additionally, we sell branded and logoed apparel to fit any organization's budget. We offer tees, polos, hoodies, jackets and much more.

Eric (1)_edited.jpg
Eric (1)_edited.jpg

Don Francis

Eric - Founder

Eric is an Army Veteran with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art. He has a commitment to creation. His hands are never idle, and he can always be found making something, from furniture to leather goods.


instagram: @eric_vetesy

Ashley Jones

Leigh - Backbone and Unicorn

When you find that special someone and they fit you like a hand in a glove... that's Leigh. She brings decades of experience to the operation, and she makes everything work as it should. When not at work, she can be found crocheting or hanging out with her new grandson.


Leigh (1)_edited.jpg
Elven Ranger Ian.jpg

Tess Brown

Ian - Co-Founder, Courier

Ian is an Air Force Veteran and dedicated gamer. When not roaming around picking up and dropping off he can be found huddled over a computer keyboard or rattling dice as an elven ranger.


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